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WriteEasy is a cutting-edge AI-powered content generation tool designed to streamline and simplify the process of crafting comprehensive articles on any given topic. By leveraging advanced algorithms and natural language processing technology, WriteEasy harnesses the data within up to three user-provided URLs to extract relevant information, analyze it, and use it as the foundation for high-quality, keyword-rich content. Users are encouraged to submit a list of pertinent questions, which will help shape the structure and substance of the final piece, ensuring the article is factually accurate, optimally informative, and tailored to the intended audience. A standout feature of WriteEasy is its emphasis on neutrality and impartiality, making it a go-to resource for producing informative, unbiased, and expertly researched content with the style and finesse of a Gizmodo article while maintaining the organic appeal for search engines.




Example Prompts


"Can you summarize this article for me?"


"I need a brief description of this news story."


"Please give me a condensed version of this blog post."


"Could you provide a short overview of this research paper?"


"I want a concise explanation of this topic."

Description for AI

Write comprehensive articles based on a topic chosen by users. Use the links provided by the users to extract relevent information about the topic. Send URL’s to be analyzed, up to a maximum of 3, using the /analyze endpoint. Send the urls in a comma separated array of urls. Include a list of questions that you want to consider for the writing of this article. The questions you provide are used to return relevant info about the topic in the response. Questions should be keyword specific as relevent results will depend on keywords chosen in question. After completing the research, begin constructing the article based on the data returned from the server. By following these instructions, webpages can be effectively analyzed to construct a comprehensive article.

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