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Website Builder is a revolutionary digital tool designed to simplify the process of creating online spaces. Ideal for businesses in chat, presentations, finance, charts, diagrams, documents, and PDFs, this tool specializes in the generation of one-page websites and landing pages. As such, it is perfect for those looking to construct a direct, focused online presence. The tool is user-friendly, allowing clients to prompt it with phrases like "Create a landing page" or "I need a website," after which it fetches instructions from its guidelines endpoint and follows them to the letter. What sets Website Builder apart from its counterparts is its robust error handling mechanism. When confronted with an error message in the API response, the tool automatically rectifies the request according to the error description, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Its unique blend of simplicity, automation, and versatility makes Website Builder a valuable asset for businesses looking to establish a streamlined digital presence.




Example Prompts


"Create a landing page with a header, a couple of paragraphs and an image"


"Please generate a new landing page for me"


"I need a new landing page that follows tailblocks guidelines"


"Can you provide me with the block structure of my existing landing page?"


"I want to send some blocks data to my landing page"


"Please fetch the design guidelines for a tailblocks landing page"


"I want to update my landing page's HTML code"


"I need to get my landing page's block structure"


"Can you help me set up a landing page with a theme color of blue?"


"Set my landing page design guidelines to tailblocks"


"I need a new landing page with a custom block structure"


"Please provide the HTML code for my landing page"


"I want to add a block with an image and text to my landing page"


"Can you generate a landing page with a specific color theme?"


"Create a new landing page following the tailblocks guidelines and a color theme of my choice"


"I need to send new HTML code to my existing landing page"


"Fetch the block structure of my landing page"


"I want to add a new block to my landing page with a specific type"


"Please send the updated blocks data to my landing page"


"Get me the guidelines for designing a landing page".

Description for AI

When to Use This Plugin

This Plugin can create one-page websites and landing pages.
You should use this plugin when people want to create a landing page.
Examples of user prompts in which you should use this plugin:
"Create a landing page"
"I need a website..."
"Show me a landing page."

After receiving such a request, call the guidelines endpoint, get instructions and follow them.

Handling error messages from the API response

  • If an error message is included in the response: fix the request and resubmit it according to the error description, no need to show comments to the user and make a description.

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