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Webbots - Ask a Bot is a cutting-edge tool that revolutionizes the way we interact with artificial intelligence. As the name suggests, Webbots are internet-based bots, each equipped with its own unique knowledge base, ready to answer any user query. The technology is powered by Maigrate, a leader in AI innovation. Users can seamlessly access a bot's knowledge by simply typing 'Ask bot <bot id>'. This id can be obtained by visiting, where users can even create and share their own bots for free. The tool's standout feature is its ability to retrieve the most relevant information from a bot's knowledge base, depending on the user's specific query. This user-friendly, interactive platform redefines the way we seek and share information online, offering a revolutionary approach to web-based communication and information retrieval.




Example Prompts


"Can you recommend a good restaurant in the area?"


"What's the weather forecast for tomorrow?"


"How do I change my password on this website?"


"Can you help me find a hotel within walking distance of the convention center?"


"What are some popular tourist attractions in this city?"


"How do I track my order status on your website?"


"Can you give me some tips for improving my credit score?"


"What is the process for returning a product I purchased from your store?"


"How do I set up automatic bill payments for my utilities?"


"Can you provide me with a list of local emergency contacts?"

Description for AI

Webbots are web-based bots. Each bot has its own knowledge base. Use this to retrieve relevant knowledge for a user query from the webbot's knowledge base. Use this when user provides a webbot_id in the query or when user message contains 'Ask bot : <webbot_id>'.

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