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Introducing WPressGenie, the innovative tool designed to streamline the unpredictable world of WordPress site management with unrivaled ease. Say goodbye to outdated content and inefficient monitoring methods, as WPressGenie seamlessly retrieves and presents vital details on your WordPress posts, allowing you to analyze every aspect of your site's performance. WPressGenie's commitment to security takes the hassle out of manual website address entry, prompting users to input their own WordPress site address for a tailored experience. This next-gen manager is a must-have addition to any digital marketer's arsenal, combining unparalleled accessibility with game-changing features to keep your WordPress site effortlessly organized and optimized. WPressGenie brings the future of site management to your fingertips without ever compromising on the expert craftsmanship that WordPress users have come to expect.




Example Prompts


"I want to see the details of my post with ID


"Can you fetch the information for post ID


"Pull up the details for post type 'news' with the ID


"Get me the details for post


"Could you please retrieve the information for my post with ID


"I need details for the 'event' post type with the ID


"Show me the list of posts from my website after the date


"Can you fetch the list of posts before


"Pull up the list of 'news' post type from my site after


"Get me the list of posts on before the date


"Could you please retrieve the list of 'event' post type before


"I need the list of posts after

Description for AI

Manage a WordPress site: This will allows you to efficiently manage your WordPress website by providing functionalities such as retrieving, and get details of WordPress posts. To ensure security, the AI model does not generate any website addresses for the site param. Instead, it prompts users to input their WordPress site address.

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