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Introducing Video Captions, a cutting-edge tool that revolutionizes the way we engage with YouTube content. Designed with user experience in mind, Video Captions enables the conversion of YouTube links into transcribed text, allowing you to easily navigate through the material by asking questions, creating chapters, and even summarizing the content into a digestible format. With the capacity to handle multiple segments, this tool diligently transcribes each portion with precision, ensuring a seamless content experience. Video Captions tailors your viewing experience to suit your preferences, empowering users to dive deep into their favorite videos and extract information with unparalleled ease and flexibility. Unleash the power of your video content with Video Captions and redefine the way you explore the depths of YouTube.




Example Prompts


"Please transcribe this YouTube video (ID: XYZ


"I need a transcription of the second segment of the YouTube video with ID QWE


"Could you transcribe the third segment of this video (ABC


"Can you get me the transcription of the first segment of video DEF


"Transcribe the fourth segment of this YouTube video (GHI


"I need a transcription for the fifth segment of this video (JKL


"Please transcribe the sixth segment of the video with ID MNO


"Can you transcribe the seventh segment of this video (PQR


"I want a transcription of the eighth segment of the YouTube video with ID STU


"Please provide the transcription for the ninth segment of this video (VWX

Description for AI

Converts YouTube video into Text. If totalSegments are more than 1, transcribe each portion of the video separately until the full video is transcribed.

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