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Meet UOL, a marvel of modern-day technology that thrusts a wealth of information right into your hands. Engineered to perfection, this tool consolidates the main news and significant events from the preceding 24 hours, tethering you to the heartbeat of the world in real-time. With a particular knack for highlighting key stories not just from Brazil, its native country, but all corners of the globe, it astoundingly illuminates the world in a swipe. This Portuguese-speaking tool surpasses basic news curation; it leaves no stone unturned by allowing you to request more intel on any news item that piques your interest. With UOL, you're plunging into an ocean of information, providing you with a holistic overview of current affairs, and immersively knitting you into the fabric of the world's narrative. Your thirst for knowledge meets its match as UOL satiates with its unfailing updates of substantial local and global events.




Example Prompts


"Can you help me convert a date from the Gregorian calendar to the Julian calendar?"


"I need assistance in converting a temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit."


"How do I convert a number from binary to decimal?"


"Can you help me convert a measurement from kilometers to miles?"


"I'm looking for a way to convert a time from

Description for AI

This plugin allows users to access the main news and events from the last 24 hours. You can request highlighted news from Brazil and around the world, and you can ask for more details about any item on this list. Native language: Portuguese.

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