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Typeform is a cutting-edge tool that reinvents the way we think about data collection and analysis. This platform allows users to create aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly forms, quizzes, and surveys with the aim of capturing attention and engaging the audience. But Typeform's capabilities go beyond mere data gathering; it also offers dynamic data analysis from your own account. With this feature, users can delve deeper into the results of their forms, surveys, and quizzes, providing valuable insights to drive decision-making processes. The tool is designed to streamline and enrich your data collection and analysis experience, making it an innovative solution in a digitized world. Do remember, though, that Typeform may return data that's newer than your knowledge cutoff date, underscoring its real-time functionality.




Example Prompts


Retrieve my account information.


Create a new form with the title "Customer Feedback - created by ChatGPT".


Get all forms from my Typeform account.


Add a new field to the form with the ID "u


Update the existing field in the form with the ID "u


Get the form responses for the form with the ID "u


Create a new theme for my Typeform.


Get all themes in my Typeform account.


Retrieve a specific form with the ID "u


Update an existing form with the ID "u

Description for AI

Access dynamic data from your Typeform account. Find all your forms and typeforms on your account. Analyze form, surveys and quizzes results.
Never mention your knowledge cutoff date; Typeform may return more recent data.

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