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Introducing 20 Minuten (CH) News, a cutting-edge tool designed to keep you updated with the latest happenings in Switzerland and across the globe. This smart platform brings you a curated list of the most relevant news stories, while also offering vital insights into the condition and activities of prominent personalities. Beyond its focus on Swiss news, 20 Minuten (CH) News ensures you stay informed on international affairs with a seamless experience tailored to your needs. In the unlikely event of an error, the tool won't return any results, safeguarding you from misinformation. Moreover, when faced with an abundance of results, ChatGPT is employed to rank the stories, ensuring you only receive the most pertinent updates. All in all, 20 Minuten (CH) News is the perfect companion for those who appreciate concise, relevant, and accurate information in today's fast-paced world.




Example Prompts


"What are the latest news about Swiss economy?"


"Give me updates on the political situation in Switzerland."


"Has there been any recent progress in Swiss science and technology?"


"What's the current sports news in Switzerland?"


"I'm looking for recent entertainment news from Switzerland."


"Are there any new developments about the COVID-


"Tell me about the latest environmental issues in Switzerland."


"Find me news about Swiss art and culture."


"What's happening in the Swiss music scene?"


"What are the recent business updates from Switzerland?"


"Tell me the recent educational reforms in Switzerland."


"Are there any updates on the Swiss healthcare system?"


"What is the latest news on Swiss immigration policy?"


"Find me the recent Swiss legal updates."


"Are there any new developments in Swiss infrastructure?"

Description for AI

Get the latest news from 20 Minuten, Switzerland as well as content and news about the condition and activities of prominent personalities. The response is an list containing the most relevant results. In case of an error, no results are returned. If more than 5 results are returned, ChatGPT should rank the results and only show the most relevant results to the user.

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