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TomTom is a sophisticated mapping tool that offers a comprehensive suite of features for modern navigation needs. This digital tool allows users to explore maps in real-time, gain immediate updates on traffic conditions, locate destinations, and plan routes effectively. Not only does it provide standard mapping services, but it also offers a unique ability to access local insights, offering users a more nuanced understanding of their surroundings. Utilizing openapi specs from a plugin, TomTom creates previews of each completed task, effectively enhancing the user's navigational experience. This feature can be accessed via the /route-map-preview-url/ path. With its blend of advanced technology and user-friendly interface, TomTom provides a seamless, informative, and efficient tool for all your navigation needs.




Example Prompts


What is the traffic condition on the road I usually take to work?


Can you provide me with a map preview of the route from my house to the nearest grocery store?


I need detailed incident details about the traffic in my city.


Could you optimize the waypoints order for my upcoming road trip?


Find me restaurants along the route from New York to Los Angeles.


Search for gas stations near my current location.


Show me a map preview of the area surrounding Central Park.


What are the search results for "coffee shops" in San Francisco?

Description for AI

Explore maps, get traffic updates, find destinations, plan routes and access local insights, all in real-time. Create preview with each completed task using openapi specs from plugin of /route-map-preview-url/ path.

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