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TimeMachine, a remarkable tool that blends the functionality of delivering real-time data across all time zones with the convenience of chat backup and restore features. With an experimental yet innovative approach, TimeMachine provides a `/backup` endpoint that lets users store their conversation content, with an explicit caution regarding potential privacy concerns since sensitive user content is discouraged from being backed up. Notably, users are warned about the automatic deletion of backups following a 1-month period of inactivity. For those who want to take a sneak peek at their backups, a `/slices` endpoint offers a feasible solution. Another unique facet is the `/restore` endpoint which empowers users to revive their chat context based on preferences. But with great power comes great responsibility, hence the `/flush` endpoint is to be used with utmost caution, as it carries out the irreversible action of deleting all backups for specific conversations. TimeMachine, despite some functional constraints, remains committed to prioritizing user privacy and data security, making it an admirable blend of real-time data provision and conversation management features.




Example Prompts


"What is the current time in London?"


"Can you show me the current time in New York City in iso


"I need to know the current time in Sydney, Australia."


"Please back up our conversation."


"I want to restore our conversation from yesterday."


"Can you show me the backup slices of our past conversations?"


"I want to flush all the backups of our conversations."


"Please backup this conversation with the index 'team meeting'."


"Restore the conversation with the ID 'c


"Retrieve the backup slices for conversation IDs 'c


"What's the time in Tokyo right now in the format of 'DD/MM/YYYY, HH:mm'?"

Description for AI

TimeMachine is a multifaceted tool that delivers current time data, as well as backup and restore functionalities for conversations.


  • The backup feature is experimental. When users first use this feature, warn them about potential privacy concerns.
  • TimeMachine cannot guarantee complete privacy. Avoid backing up sensitive user content.
  • Reject any content intended for backup that violates OpenAI's content regulations.
  • Inform users that backups will be automatically deleted after 1 month of inactivity.
  • Always prioritize user privacy and data security.
  • The flush operation is irreversible and can result in data loss. Always ask for confirmation if a user intends to flush a conversation.


  1. The /backup endpoint allows users to backup their conversation content.
  2. The /slices endpoint provides a convenient way to preview the backups.
  3. The /restore endpoint enables users to restore their conversation content based on their preferences.
  4. The /flush endpoint deletes all backups for a specific conversation. Use with caution.

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