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TianGong is an innovative and advanced tool developed to strategically mine and scrutinize academic papers and professional documents. Catering to a myriad of research needs, it offers an efficient method for locating and extracting pertinent information from vast volumes of text. Developed with the power of cutting-edge algorithms, TianGong stands out in its ability to pinpoint relevant data with remarkable precision and speed, cutting down the traditional lengthy research process to a fraction of its former time. The tool also excels at handling a diverse set of topics, proving handy for a wide array of professionals, from academics to industry researchers. Offering not only a comprehensive search function but also an aptitude for organizing and sorting the found information, TianGong serves as an essential, all-encompassing resource for those in need of thorough and efficient document research. This dynamic tool is rapidly transforming the landscape of academic and professional research, combining simplicity, accuracy, and convenience in one powerful package.




Example Prompts


"Can you find me some academic papers on quantum physics?"


"I am looking for professional documents related to artificial intelligence from


"Find academic papers authored by 'John Doe' on the topic of climate change."


"Search for academic articles on the effects of global warming from the source 'Nature'."


"I need professional documents on the topic of 'Neural Networks' from the past five years."


"Can you find me the most relevant research papers on 'Machine Learning'?"


"Search for academic papers on 'COVID-


"Find me articles on 'Renewable Energy' published between


"I'm looking for professional documents on 'Data Science' authored by 'Jane Smith'."


"Search for the top

Description for AI

For searching through academic papers and professional documents to find relevant information.

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