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The Diet Search is a revolutionary tool that offers a comprehensive search through the proceedings of the Japanese Diet. Its robust algorithm sifts through reams of information including requests, improvement proposals, and news, to locate the relevant Diet members and their statements. This tool is designed to make the complex, often opaque world of Japanese legislative proceedings more transparent and accessible. Whether you're a policy wonk tracking the latest developments or a journalist seeking accurate details, The Diet Search brings you the necessary information with just a few keystrokes. Its unique features not only deliver detailed insights into Diet members' statements but also provide a historical context by pulling relevant past proceedings. In a nutshell, The Diet Search is a powerful instrument that simplifies the intricate workings of the Japanese Diet into an easily navigable, searchable format.




Example Prompts


Search for parliamentary proceedings discussing the increase in living expenses in Japan.


Find discussions in the diet regarding measures to address the rising cost of living.


Retrieve information on the debates related to the impact of high living expenses on low-income individuals and the elderly.


Show me the recent discussions in the parliament about the government's response to the soaring cost of living.


Get me the details of the diet proceedings discussing the challenges faced by the country due to the rising living expenses.

Description for AI

This plugin searches the proceedings discussed in the Japanese Diet based on the text of requests, improvement proposals, news, etc., and locates Diet members and their statements.

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