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Telescope Labs is a dynamic resource dedicated to the Web3 gaming environment, offering comprehensive data retrieval, analysis, and visualization services for blockchain games. Committed to delivering data-driven insights, this tool is designed to furnish a substantial understanding of the significantly emerging domain of Web3 games. It facilitates an intuitive understanding of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), patterns of gaming events, and deep analysis of obtained data. Unlike traditional analytical tools, Telescope Labs uniquely integrates into the blockchain framework, providing grounded reasoning to your analytical results. Whether you're a gaming enterprise navigating the Web3 ocean or an enthusiast wanting to unravel the complex fabric of blockchain gaming, Telescope Labs promises a unique perspective, illuminating trends, behaviors, and opportunities in the Web3 gaming world. Above all, it prioritizes clarity and simplicity, making even the most complex data patterns comprehensible to all users, thereby democratizing data understandability.




Example Prompts


Show me a list of popular web


Can you give me information about the game Axie Infinity?


What are the top


Display a chart of daily active users for Decentraland in the last month.


List some key performance indicators (KPIs) related to user engagement.


Show me the total revenue generated by Sorare in the past week.


What are the top


Can you provide an overview of the company Telescope Labs?


Display a dashboard with the average transaction value and active users for The Sandbox game.


Analyze the user journey in Axie Infinity, focusing on the tutorial completion and in-game purchases.

Description for AI

Help the user with data retrieval, analysis and visualization related to web3 games. You can visualize KPIs, events, get data and reasoning about analysis.

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