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TechPulse is a nifty little tool that offers up-to-date stories from HackerNews, panoptically covering top-rated, new, ask, show, and job categories with a striking balance between relevancy and variety. It has coupled advanced technology with a straightforward user interface, bending the widespread stream of information into an effortless service. Notiffying, since its inception, it has become a must-have for tech enthusiasts, digital professionals, and even curious Internet explorers. Crucially, it offers the prospect of providing related links in a seamless format, contributing to an enriching reading experience by adding layers of context and reference points. Whether you're looking for the latest ground-breaking development in your field or searching for a unique job opportunity, TechPulse distills comprehensive information from HackerNews, presenting it with unparalleled precision and efficiency. Its palpable commitment to channel the high-velocity world of Internet information into a manageable format is a testament to its effectiveness. Explore this evolving tool's capabilities on your own for an accurate pulse of what's transpiring in the tech world.




Example Prompts


Can I see the top stories from Hacker News?


Show me the new stories on Hacker News.


What are the latest ask stories from Hacker News?


I'd like to see the show stories on Hacker News.


Can you fetch the job stories from Hacker News?


What's trending on Hacker News?


I would like to see the new posts on Hacker News.


Are there any new job stories on Hacker News?


Show me the latest top stories from Hacker News.


Can you display the latest ask stories from Hacker News?

Description for AI

Display top(default)/new/ask/show/job stories from HackerNews. Also display related link using the following format: related_title.

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