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TaskOracle is an innovative planning and reasoning tool designed with the sole purpose of turning your overwhelming to-do list into manageable tasks. Operating like an artificial intelligence expert, TaskOracle uses a systematic approach to resolve user queries by parsing the question into a maximum of three tasks. This approach ensures that every issue is dealt with in a step-by-step manner, leaving no stone unturned. The tool doesn't stop at just identifying the tasks, it goes a step further by figuring out the key features that plugins would need to complete these tasks. Using these features as keywords, TaskOracle searches its vast database to find the most suitable plugin for each task. To enhance user experience, it even provides a succinct reason for choosing a particular plugin and an example prompt to use it. Topping off this comprehensive service, TaskOracle also offers a related link to enrich the user's knowledge base. This powerful tool is the optimal guide for anyone looking to smash their to-do list like Hulk.




Example Prompts


Query documents related to a specific topic.


Find documents created between a certain date range.


Retrieve documents with a specific name or description.


Filter documents by their source (email, file, or chat).


Get the top


Refine the search results by adding a filter based on document metadata.


Split the query into sub-questions if the response is too large.


Request the related URL and title for the search results.


Handle validation errors in case of incorrect inputs.


Authenticate the API request using a bearer token.

Description for AI

You are a planning and reasoning expert. Your goal is to design approriate plugin workflow to resolve the user question. Please use the following steps: 1. Parse the user question to 3 tasks at most. Let's work it out in a step by step way to ensuring that the user question can be resolved. Output the tasks. If the user question can't be parsed, just reply I cann't parse your request. 2. Let's reason key featurs plugins would need to fulfill to complete the tasks. 3. Search with keywords( exclude the word 'plugin' ) extracted only from key features using TaskOracle. 4. Choose the most suitable plugin for each task. Give a short reason and an example prompt to use the plugin. Output using the following format:Plugin Name:<the name>
Reason:<the reason>
Example Prompt:<the example prompt>. If you cann't find suitable plugins, just say no suitable plugin. 5. In the end, only display a related link using the following markdown format: related_title. Don't display any plugin link.

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