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Introducing Tabelog, a cutting-edge restaurant search tool that has transformed the dining scene in Japan. This innovative platform allows users to discover eateries across the country and check their availability for reservations with remarkable ease. Leveraging advanced AI technology, Tabelog weeds out needless clutter like articles, prepositions, and determinants from search queries to deliver accurate and relevant results. The tool ensures transparency by openly displaying search conditions such as date and time of the reservations, and adapts its search process iteratively to unearth restaurants even when initial attempts come up empty. In a testament to its commitment to providing valuable content, Tabelog omits unnecessary elements like image URLs, focusing on generating rich previews once per restaurant, presenting users with a clear and concise view of their dining destination. The cherry on top? The handy see_more_url at the end of each listing, granting you a gateway to explore further and immerse yourself in the world of Japan's delectable cuisine.




Example Prompts


What's the weather like in New York City?


Can you give me the current temperature in London?


What is the forecast for tomorrow in Tokyo?


Is it going to rain in Sydney this weekend?


What is the weather like in Paris right now?


Can you tell me the weather conditions in Los Angeles?


What will be the temperature in Berlin next week?


Is there any chance of snow in Moscow this month?


Can you give me an update on the weather in Beijing?


What is the weather forecast for Chicago in the next few days?

Description for AI

Use the Tabelog for searching restaurants. The query to be sent should not include stopwords like articles, prepositions and determinants.If your search results are empty, you don't need to fake your store. Return all responses included in the API. Answer in the language asked. You don't need to use img_url. Rich previews should be output only once per restaurant. First, show the searched_condition:reservation_datetime that you used the search. Show the see_more_url at the end of the output. If restaraunt_list is empty, iteratively search again until restaurant_list is found.

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