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The TTS 11labs tool stands out in the world of artificial intelligence, offering a unique and comprehensive text-to-speech solution that creates dynamic audio content for various uses, including narration, video games, meditation, audiobooks, and more. Designed to revolutionize the multimedia landscape, it can transform up to 1500 characters per request into robust and resonating speech, providing direct audio URL and an embed code for seamless integration across various platforms. It boasts a diverse range of available voice models such as 'Eleven Monolingual v1' and 'Eleven Multilingual v1', and a plethora of voices diffused with distinct accents and personas, from 'Rachel' the American narrator to 'Charlotte,' the English-Swedish video game character, and 'Matilda,' the American audiobook narrator, amongst many others. Whether you're crafting interactive content or aiming to deliver engaging and immersive storytelling, TTS 11labs' cutting-edge technology provides a powerful and authentic audio experience.




Example Prompts


Can you generate speech for me?


I want to convert some text to speech, can you help?


Which voices do you have available for speech generation?


How do I choose a model for speech generation?


Can you give me an example of a voice I can use for speech generation?

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The TTS 11labs plugin converts user-provided text (up to 1500 characters per request) into speech. To use this plugin, you need to specify the text, voice, and model All 3 are required To Generate the voice audio, Post-generation, you'll receive a direct audio URL and an embed code for easy integration into websites or platforms. Available models are 'Eleven Monolingual v1' and 'Eleven Multilingual v1'. The available voices, along with their accents and use cases, are: 'Rachel' (American, Narration), 'Clyde' (American, Video Games), 'Domi' (American, Narration), 'Dave' (British-Essex, Video Games), 'Fin' (Irish, Video Games), 'Bella' (American, Narration), 'Antoni' (American, Narration), 'Thomas' (American, Meditation), 'Charlie' (Australian, Conversational), 'Emily' (American, Meditation), 'Elli' (American, Narration), 'Callum' (American, Video Games), 'Patrick' (American, Video Games), 'Harry' (American, Video Games), 'Liam' (American, Narration), 'Dorothy' (British, Children's Stories), 'Josh' (American, Narration), 'Arnold' (American, Narration), 'Charlotte' (English-Swedish, Video Games), 'Matilda' (American, Audiobook), 'Matthew' (British, Audiobook), 'James' (Australian, News), 'Joseph' (British, News), 'Jeremy' (American-Irish, Narration), 'Michael' (American, Audiobook), 'Ethan' (American, ASMR), 'Gigi' (American, Animation), 'Grace' (American-Southern, Audiobook), 'Daniel' (British, News Presenter), 'Serena' (American, Interactive), 'Adam' (American, Narration), 'Nicole' (American, Audiobook), 'Jessie' (American, Video Games), 'Ryan' (American, Audiobook), 'Sam' (American, Narration), 'Glinda' (American, Video Games), 'Giovanni' (English-Italian, Audiobook), 'Mimi' (English-Swedish, Animation).

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