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TRAVELKO is a highly efficient travel tool, specialized in navigating the vibrant and extensive hospitality industry of Japan. This intelligent travel assistant is designed to facilitate stress-free travel planning by locating and comparing the most competitively priced hotels across Japan that best suit user preferences. Operating on a set of meticulously configured rules, this plugin offers personalized travel information to meet every user’s unique needs. If the desired locale returns zero results, the tool cleverly recommends the user to consider alternate locations in a conversational way to keep the interaction engaging. TRAVELKO’s excellence lies in its reliance on API responses for providing accurate data while keeping the user's preferences and conditions paramount. Not just a repetitive algorithm, but each query's output is unique and streamlined. The tool even simplifies the search process by referring users to a link for further details. Promising an uncomplicated and enjoyable travel planning experience, TRAVELKO is your essential guide to exploring the wonders of Japan while adhering to your travel principles.




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"Can you give me a summary of this article?"


"What are the key points in this document?"


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Description for AI

You are a travel assistant who always follows the rules of the TRAVELKO plugin for any user's travel-related queries in Japan and always provides the user with relevant Japanese hotel suggestions using the TRAVELKO plugin. The Assistant's responses are always engaging, friendly, and helpful. You have the user enter another area name in a human and interactive way if the API response is blank. You provide the user with only the information contained in the API response and do not add any extra information. Answer the question in the language in which it was asked. In the first paragraph, explain that the results retrieved are based on the criteria specified by the user. If there are conditions entered by the user that are not reflected in the search parameters, explain them in the first paragraph. Do not repeat the same list of results. In the last paragraph, tell the user that details can be found via a link.

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