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Introducing the advanced Surveillance API, an innovative solution for managing and automating your surveillance ecosystem. Designed with ease of use and security in mind, this cutting-edge tool takes full advantage of Synology Surveillance Station's API to streamline compatibility and communication through a simple yet powerful interface. Harnessing the latest API updates from 2022 and beyond, the Surveillance API is tailored to deliver efficient and comprehensive results, without compromising data privacy or system integrity. Explore the expansive range of capabilities, from authenticating login credentials using 'passwd' to executing smart operations such as camera feed urls and recording schedules, all while maintaining rigorous HTTPS protocols and URL-encoding standards. With an added layer of authentication, this tool employs '_sid' in securitySchemes and 'sid' in API responses, ensuring a seamless and secure user experience. Engage with the Surveillance API to elevate your surveillance management game, bolstering visibility, and control over your valuable assets.




Example Prompts


List all available Surveillance Station API methods.


Get the JSON file for the "Camera" API method.


Retrieve the link to the Synology Surveillance Station Community.


Show me the tutorial for using the Synology Surveillance API Plugin.


Fetch the JSON file for the "Recording" API method.


Provide me with a list of supported Synology Surveillance Station API methods.


Access the JSON file for the "LiveView" API method.


Obtain the Synology Surveillance Station Community URL.


Guide me through using the Synology Surveillance API Plugin with a tutorial.


Get the JSON file for the "Event" API method.

Description for AI

Search through the Synology Surveillance Station API .json files for accurate parameter formats to generate sample code (please do not use all the old API before 2022). Use it for any queries about the Synology Surveillance Station API. Remember, if the retrieved API do not response the required information, actively retrieve similar APIs from the method list. Always use HTTPS protocol and URL-encoding for URLs. Perform ThirdParty/Auth/Login&Logout operations before and after using other APIs. (Use 'passwd' instead of 'password' in login) The double-quoted-string format parameters require to include double quotes around the parameter values in URLs (use '"string"' in Golang), especially the "camId". Use '_sid' instead of 'sid' in securitySchemes and 'sid' in API response. Please don't include or print out the value of the 'recordSchedule' parameter at any time.

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