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Supercharger by Awesome Tesla Trips is an innovative tool designed to streamline your electric vehicle journey planning. This intelligent system allows users to input their origin, destination, and specific Tesla model to receive a bespoke route complete with necessary supercharger stops. Going beyond standard navigation tools, Supercharger also allows optional inclusion of up to two stopover locations, making it a perfect companion for road-trippers exploring the open road in their Tesla vehicles. For maximum convenience, all route details are presented in a user-friendly table format, showcasing each supercharger's name, location, stop time, and other relevant information, alongside the total trip duration and distance. A unique feature of Supercharger is its ability to provide vehicle-specific operational information. Simply by inputting a semantic query along with the vehicle model and year, users can access critical vehicle information supplemented by relevant images, all displayed inline on the page for easy reference. Despite its comprehensive features, Supercharger is designed to handle even complex multi-stop road trips with ease by breaking them down into manageable segments. As a final touch, the tool reminds users to verify all information on the official Tesla website, ensuring they have the most accurate, up-to-date data for their journeys.




Example Prompts


Can you show me the nearest Superchargers to my current location?


What's the best route to take with my Tesla Model Y from Los Angeles to San Francisco with the necessary charging stops?


Can you recommend some Superchargers to stop at on my road trip from New York to Miami with my Model


How far away is the nearest Supercharger station from my home in Chicago?


Can you show me a map with all the Superchargers on the East Coast for my Model S road trip?

Description for AI

Submit an origin, destination, Tesla model (optionally you can add up to two stop over locations) and receive a route and any superchargers needed. Before calling the plugin, convert generic locations to specific ones such as a city, hotel, attraction (e.g. Yosemite National Park, CA to Yosemite Valley, CA) and let the user know. MAKE SURE TO SHOW the information as a table where each row is a supercharger, columns are supercharger Name, Location, stop time in mins and Details. Also add the total trip duration and distance. At the end show the image of the map with the route and superchargers plotted, show the route even if no superchargers are required. SHOW THE IMAGES inline on the page. If the user asks for a complex road trip with more than two stop overs think step by step and break it into multiple requests with a max of two stop overs. Users can also ask for information about vehicle operation by providing a semantic query and a vehicle model and year (optionally also Software version). Make sure to obtain the vehicle information needed from the user. Relevant text and associated images will be returned. SHOW THE IMAGES inline on the page. Always state at the end that users show always check with the official Tesla website for the most accurate information and include the link (WITHOUT IMAGE) to .

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