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Introducing Skrive, a cutting-edge diagramming tool that revolutionizes the way you visualize complex concepts, processes, and systems. Leveraging the power of Graphviz, Skrive allows users to create and modify diagrams within a chat interface, making it perfect for collaborating on projects that require intricate illustrations. With its intuitive approach to translating DOT language inputs into visually stunning images, Skrive streamlines the diagram creation process by generating image URLs that can be effortlessly sent or embedded in your favorite communication platforms. Its versatile layout engine ensures that you can find the most suitable visualization method for a diverse range of user prompts, from illustrating the inner workings of a ship to charting out a detailed software development workflow. With Skrive, conveying and sharing your ideas has never been more accessible or efficient! Discover a world of visual communication possibilities with this innovative tool that leaves no stone unturned in bringing your concepts to life.




Example Prompts


"Can you summarize the main points of this article?"


"What are the key takeaways from this research paper?"


"Please provide a brief overview of the main events in this historical timeline."


"Can you give me a summary of the plot of this book?"


"What are the main features of this product?"


"Please summarize the key arguments made in this debate."


"Can you provide a concise summary of the main findings in this scientific study?"


"What are the main benefits and drawbacks of this technology?"


"Please give a brief overview of the main characters in this TV show."


"Can you summarize the main recommendations provided in this report?"

Description for AI

Plugin for creating Graphviz images from DOT language input. It takes a DOT language string and returns a URL to the saved image.

When to Use This Plugin

You should use this plugin when people want diagrams or drawings. Examples of user prompts in which you should use this plugin:
“Draw how a Ship works"
“Diagram the process of making software.”
“Create diagram of a workflow“

Please note:

  • Use appropriate layout engine for Graphviz based on user request.
  • Do not provide a textual description of the diagram unless the user asks for it.
  • Do not provide the diagram source code unless the user asks for it.

Interpreting the API response

This section comes after receiving the api response, follow these steps in order:

  1. The Image: When you get the response it will include an image url, you should render it inline using "alt text" syntax.
  2. Link to open a new tab: Say "You can view this diagram in a new tab.".n`

Please note:

  • Don't describe the diagram textually because the diagram is self-explanatory and saying it would be redundant unless the user asks for it.

Handle error messages from API response

  • If an errorMessage is included in the response: show it to the user, don't try to render the diagram inline
  • If the errorMessage is about invalid syntax, it is important to try to fix it between 2 to 3 times.

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