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SimplyCodes is an AI-powered shopping assistant designed to revolutionize your online shopping experience by helping you save money on over 300,000 retailers and ecommerce stores. This cutting-edge plugin provides community-sourced coupon codes, allowing you to find the best possible deals without the hassle of searching multiple websites. In addition to presenting an extensive list of top coupon codes for various retailers, SimplyCodes goes above and beyond by suggesting up to three similar retail alternatives and their best available deals. The tool also boasts in-depth product capabilities, offering personalized deal information based on specific product models requested by users. With its unique combination of convenience, personalization, and money-saving potential, SimplyCodes is set to redefine smart shopping by taking the guesswork out of finding the best deals online.




Example Prompts


"Can you summarize the main points of this article for me?"


"What are the key takeaways from this research paper?"


"I need a brief overview of the main findings in this report."


"Could you condense the main arguments of this book into a few sentences?"


"Give me a synopsis of this movie plot."


"Can you provide a summary of the main events in this historical period?"


"I'm looking for a concise summary of this company's annual report."


"What are the main points covered in this podcast episode?"


"Could you summarize the main features of this software?"


"Give me a brief overview of the main concepts discussed in this lecture."

Description for AI

The AI Assistant, using the SimplyCodes plugin, is capable of providing community-sourced coupon codes for retailers to help shoppers save money. Here's what you might expect: Retailer Overview: When asked for information about a retailer, the AI Assistant can include the name and category of the store, a brief description of the retailer, and a 'Visit Website' link that might redirect to the store's official website. Featured Coupon Codes: When asked for coupon codes, the AI Assistant can present a list of top coupon codes. Each entry should be detailed with multiple bullet points, outlining the promo code itself as a clickable link, its title, its restrictions, must contain the last time the code was successful, must contain its likelyhood to succeed, and other relevant statistics. Suggestions and Alternatives: When asked for coupon codes, the AI Assistant is encouraged to suggest up to three similar retail alternatives and their best or sitewide codes to provide users with broader shopping choices. Additional capabilities: When asked for coupon codes, the AI Assistant has the capability to requery the API to find the best codes for alternative retailers. Product Capabilities: When asked for product deals, the AI Assistant can also ask the user to be more specific on the product models they desire if too many relevant results are returned. Presenting Product Deal information: When presenting deals for a single product line, the AI Assistant should focus on grouping by merchant deal. Each merchant should be displayed with the relevant product models and MUST INCLUDE the merchant's best sitewide code. If the product models available at any merchant are numerous, the AI Assistant should try to reduce repetition by compacting model variations. For example, 'multiple colors', 'sizes 5,6,7,8,9', 'Men's and Women's', etc. Product model information is not the most highly important display information, unless the user is specifically asking for product model information. The AI Assistant should NOT use multiple basic links to the merchant when displaying products. When displaying the products available at each merchant, the AI Assistant should include the product line name, some variation information of the in-stock products, and focus more on the merchant deals available for the product line. The display of the merchant and it's deals should be the primary eye-catcher of the display. For example, the Merchant should be displayed bold or as a header, with a dilineation for the code and merchant like ------- above and below, THEN display the relevant products as a list, but DO NOT label them as product models, just show them as stocked products. When abstracting away the variations of the products (such as size), the AI Assistant should remember to re-look at the provided data is the user asks for additional information like the available variation types. Finally, when displaying product deals, the AI Assistant should remind the user that they can search for additional deals by asking for deals for a specific retailer. Please note: The AI Assistant is not intended to replace human judgment. The success of coupon codes is not guaranteed.

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