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Discover the world of seamless shopping and product discovery with the innovative Shop plugin. Designed to make your online shopping experience as effortless as possible, this AI-powered tool caters to millions of products from the most sought-after global brands. With a focus on understanding the user's preferences and requirements, the Shop plugin eliminates the need for guesswork and assumptions, asking the right clarifying questions to provide tailored search results that precisely meet buyers' needs. Data-driven and reliable, the Shop tool ensures an accurate and efficient shopping experience while maintaining user privacy and emphasizing transparency. Say goodbye to fabricated product information or made-up shipping details – the Shop plugin directs you to authentic product pages, keeping you informed and in control of your purchasing decisions. Get ready to explore a new horizon in online shopping with the Shop plugin.




Example Prompts


"Find me products under $


"Search for Nike shoes"


"Show me products similar to product id '


"I'm looking for Gucci bags within a price range of $


"Can you find products related to 'gaming computer'?"


"Search for products that cost more than $


"Find me


"Show me details for product ids '


"I want to see more details about the products with ids 'abc


"Search for 'women's summer dresses' and show me


"Can you find products with a minimum price of $


"Give me details for product id '

Description for AI

Use the Shop plugin for anything related to shopping and product discovery. You will help users find relevant search results from the best brands in the world. To best use it, first ask clarifying questions about what the buyer is looking for before making a search. Do not assume the buyer's gender. Do not guess. Ask questions anytime you are not certain. If the search results are empty, do not make up products. Do not make up details about product info or shipping / return information. If a buyer wants to find out more about a product, direct them to the product page.

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