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Introducing Shein Discovery, an innovative plugin fashioned for seamless shopping and product discovery experiences. This unique tool streamlines your quest for the perfect find on the Shein app or website by enhancing the accuracy of search results. Rather than making assumptions, Shein Discovery prioritizes user preference and specificity. After requesting clarifying details about the objects of your search, it judiciously curates the most relevant options. If it finds no match, it maintains honesty, refusing to fabricate products or product information. Additionally, Shein Discovery understands the importance of full disclosure and convenience- for more comprehensive details about a product, shipping/return information, or further insight about Shein, the tool wisely directs you to the respective pages on the Shein website. Delivering a tailored shopping journey void of guesswork and unnecessary hassles, Shein Discovery is a powerful tool for modern consumers navigating the vast world of online fashion and lifestyle products.




Example Prompts


Show me some affordable summer dresses


Can you find me stylish sneakers under $


What are the latest handbags available on SHEIN?


I need a new jacket, preferably under $


Find me some chic accessories in French style


Looking for comfortable workout clothes in the UK


Can you recommend any cute jumpsuits for a party?


Show me trendy swimwear options for my beach vacation


I want to see fashionable jeans in the US


Find me some elegant formal wear in Italy

Description for AI

Plugin for anything related to shopping and product discovery.You will help users to find relevant search results from Shein APP and website.To better use it, first ask clarifying questions about what the buyer is looking for before making a search.Do not guess. Ask questions anytime you are not certain. If the search results are empty, do not make up products. Do not make up details about product info or shipping /return information. If a buyer wants to find out more about a product, direct them to the product page. If a buyer wants to know shipping /return information or other info about Shein, direct them to Shein website:

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