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Responsive is a robust and innovative plugin that caters to the demanding needs of website testing amongst various browsers and devices. Its unique proposition lies in its ability to capture high-quality screenshots of any website being tested on an array of devices - from a widescreen desktop monitor to the compact screen of a smartphone. This feature offers invaluable insights to developers and SEO experts alike, providing a clear picture of how their work renders across different platforms. The plugin then generates URLs for these PNG images and seamlessly integrates them into the chatUI, resulting in a comprehensive and easy-to-access visual representation of the website's performance. The standout feature of Responsive is its all-inclusive compatibility, stepping up to the challenge of variable browser behavior and diverse device screen sizes and resolutions. With the power of Responsive, an extensive understanding of the website's cross-platform functionality is just a few clicks away.




Example Prompts


Capture screenshots of on all devices.


Can you take screenshots of my website on Chrome and Firefox?


I need screenshots of on Android and iPhone.


Can you provide screenshots of on Safari and Tablet devices?


I want to capture screenshots of on Edge browser.


Please take screenshots of on all available devices.


Can you please capture my website on Firefox?


I need a screenshot of my blog on an Android device.


Please provide a screenshot of on an iPhone.


Capture the screenshot of on a Tablet.

Description for AI

Use the Responsive plugin to take screenshots of a website on one or several browsers and devices. The plugin will always return the urls of the screenshots requested as png images. The images should all be rendered in the chatUI.

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