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Discover the infinite cosmos of academic research with, an advanced tool designed to streamline your scholarly explorations. As an AI-powered tool, is engineered to delve into the vast universe of research papers and scientific literature, answering any queries about the content with remarkable precision. It's not just a search tool; it exhibits the capacity to summarize complex papers from platforms like, providing you with the core essence of any paper before diving into specific queries. What sets apart is its ability to recommend papers on similar topics, extending your research journey beyond the initial paper. It accomplishes this through its specialized endpoints—find_papers_plugin, summarize_plugin, chat_plugin, and find_similar_papers_plugin—each meticulously designed to offer a unique functionality. From searching, summarizing, addressing specific inquiries, to finding similar papers, is your comprehensive guide to navigating the research universe.




Example Prompts


"Can you find papers related to quantum computing?"


"Give me a summary of the paper with arxiv_id


"I want to continue our chat about the paper with arxiv_id


Here's what we've discussed: ['What's the paper about?', 'It's about the role of AI in healthcare.'] Now, my question is, what methodologies did the authors use?"


"Find papers similar to the one with arxiv_id


Here are some keywords: ['neural networks', 'deep learning', 'computer vision', 'image recognition', 'convolutional neural networks']"

Description for AI

Search through all research papers and other scientific literature, answer any questions regarding the content of papers, and recommend papers that discuss topics similar to a specified paper. For search requests, ALWAYS utilize the find_papers_plugin endpoint. If you have a query about a specific paper on, ALWAYS first use the summarize_plugin to obtain a summary. Then if there is a specific query about the paper, ALWAYS address the query using the chat_plugin endpoint. For inquiries about papers that are similar to a given paper, ALWAYS employ the find_similar_papers_plugin endpoint.

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