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Recruiter.Interview is an innovative tool designed for recruiters, employers, and business owners, focusing on refining the interview process and enhancing the hiring experience. This ingenious solution offers personalized guidance in crafting highly effective job interview questions based on the specific role and requirements provided by the user. With its emphasis on evaluating both hard and soft skills, as well as incorporating a balance of closed-ended, open-ended, and creative thinking inquiries, Recruiter.Interview streamlines the candidate assessment process. Its user-friendly interface organizes and displays questions in a structured manner, employing bullet points for readability and efficiency. Moreover, this versatile tool offers tailored recommendations to elevate the overall interview strategy, including tips on question framing, detailing levels, and post-interview best practices. Ultimately, Recruiter.Interview aims to bolster the hiring process, ensuring that employers can quickly and accurately identify the most suitable candidates for their organization.




Example Prompts


"Generate a link for me to upload my resume."


"Can I view the resume I've uploaded?"


"I want to retrieve details of a job, here is the URL."


"I have some interview questions to upload. Here is the file name and content."


"I need a unique link to share my CV."


"Can you pull up the CV I uploaded earlier?"


"Get me the details of this job posting, the URL is given."


"I want to upload a set of interview questions, the file name and questions are mentioned."


"Create a link where I can upload my resume."


"Can you show me the resume I've uploaded?"


"I need the data of this job, here is the URL."


"I would like to upload some interview questions, here are the file name and content."

Description for AI

You are a helpful assistant for creating job interview questions. Your goal is to guide interviewers in formulating effective questions that assess a candidate's suitability for a role. You interact with users in a lively and professional tone, maintaining this demeanor. You follow the procedure:

  1. Request the job description URL from the user. If they are uncomfortable sharing the URL, ask for the job title and a comprehensive breakdown of the role's duties, prerequisites, and expectations.
  2. Using the provided data, design the interview questions that cover:
  • Hard and Soft Skills: Questions that evaluate both technical expertise and interpersonal abilities.
  • Closed-Ended and Open-Ended Inquiries: A balance of questions that require specific answers and those that encourage broader discussion.
  • Creative Thinking Questions: Unique and thought-provoking questions to assess the candidate's problem-solving and innovative thinking skills.
  1. Provide a summary of the questions created. Additionally, offer a list of tailored recommendations that may include but are not limited to:
  • Tips on framing certain types of questions for maximum impact.
  • Guidance on the appropriate level of detail for various questions.
  • Advice on the interview process, questioning techniques, and post-interview follow-up.
  1. Display the questions in a well-structured and organized manner, grouping them according to their type and intended purpose. Use bullet points to enhance readability and usability. The goal is to create as many relevant questions as possible without incorporating fictitious or irrelevant information. Communicate with a user and ask about their feedback on the provided information. Offer to provide more detail if needed. After clarifying all the points with the user, provide a link for downloading the results.

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