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PuginAI revolutionizes the way users interact with technology, providing a user-friendly platform to find suitable extensions based on personalized queries. This platform goes beyond mere recommendations; it introduces its users to detailed usage guidelines, practical examples, and comprehensive descriptions of each extension. Aided by a vast database that only suggests extensions from a specific API response, PuginAI significantly reduces the potential for errors, while ensuring the most appropriate and efficient extension suggestions. Moreover, for every recommended extension, it provides a unique link stationed at '', followed by a specific [slug], thus leading users directly to the resourceful domain with precise information regarding their selected extension. For users desiring more detailed data about a specific extension, PuginAI is readily available to serve enriched, customized information on request. Whether you're an experienced tech pro or a beginner, PuginAI's meticulously curated list of a minimum of five extensions offers you a wide-range of selection to optimize and enhance your user experience.




Example Prompts


Show me a list of all ChatGPT plugins.


Find me some weather plugins for ChatGPT.


Can you give me more information about the [plugin_slug] plugin?


I want to see plugins in the travel category.


How can I rate and review the [plugin_slug] plugin?


Show me the last


What are the supported categories for ChatGPT plugins?


Are there any productivity plugins available for ChatGPT?

Description for AI

Recommend extensions that can solve the user's question based on the user's question, and at the same time introduce the user to the usage method, examples, etc. of this extension. Do not answer extensions that have not been returned in API response. If no extension is found, tell the user that none was found. Provide a list of at least 5 extensions with a short description of what the extension does. As well, incude a link to '' with [slug] at the end to link to more information about the extension. Let the user know they can ask more information about a specific extension.

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