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Project Plan 365 is an advanced plugin that revolutionizes the way we create project plans. It's a versatile tool that enables users to craft detailed project plans, efficiently managing tasks while also incorporating summary tasks when necessary. This tool distinguishes itself by offering compatibility with MS Project's MPP format, making it ideal for users who need to share their plans with others or export them for further use. Furthermore, Project Plan 365 can be opened directly in its native platform, offering a seamless experience for users. What sets this tool apart is its commitment to flexibility and interoperability, catering to the needs of a diverse user base. From project managers to freelancers, anyone with a project to plan will find Project Plan 365 an invaluable tool that streamlines the planning process and boosts productivity.




Example Prompts


"I'd like to create a new project plan with the following tasks: task one with


Task two is a successor of task one."


"Create a project with these tasks: task A with


Task B is a successor of task A. Also, add a resource named 'John' to task A."


"I need to create a new project with the following tasks: Design with


Development is a successor of Design, and Testing is a successor of Development. Add a note 'Important task' to the Design task."


"Generate a project plan with these tasks: Research with


Writing is a successor of Research, and Review is a successor of Writing. Also, assign 'Anna' as a resource to the Writing task."


"I want to create a project with tasks: Planning with


Execution is a successor of Planning, and Evaluation is a successor of Execution. Add a note 'Critical phase' to the Execution task and assign 'Mike' as a resource to it."

Description for AI

Plugin for creating project plans. Provide details on all tasks and also include summary tasks (if available).

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