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PointsRecap, an innovative tool that brilliantly encapsulates the pulse of the stock market by leveraging YouTube's vast array of trading insights. Designed with a user-friendly interface, it excels in extracting key viewpoints from daily videos, offering users a comprehensive summary of trading trends and market updates. What sets PointsRecap apart is its ability to showcase recent highlights and generate a word cloud from the latest videos, thereby allowing users to quickly identify and delve into hot topics. An additional URL is provided with each summary, serving as a gateway to a more detailed analysis. And for those concerned about legalities, don't fret, as PointsRecap thoughtfully includes a disclaimer for legal compliance with each request. It's a resourceful tool, adept at providing informed perspectives to users, without the hassle of watching hours of videos.




Example Prompts


Can you show me the viewpoints on the ticker AAPL?


I need recent highlights of youtube videos.


Can I have a word cloud for the most talked about topics in the market?


Fetch me the viewpoints for Google's stock.


Show me the latest highlighted videos.


Can I see the word cloud for the most frequent words in recent videos?


What are the viewpoints for the ticker MSFT?


Give me the recent highlights from youtube.


Can I see a word cloud for the most popular market discussions?


I need viewpoints for the ticker TSLA.


Show me the latest popular videos.


Can I have a word cloud for trending market topics?

Description for AI

PointsRecap is a user-friendly tool that provides daily summary from YouTube videos. It offers core functionalities such as extracting viewpoints, showcasing recent highlights, and geneate wordcloud from recent videos. Users can gain informed perspectives, market updates, key video summaries, and recent hot topics. An additional URL for more details will be provided as well, ensuring comprehensive information. Besides, PointsRecap provides a disclaimer for legal compliance for each request.

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