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Listen Notes is regarded as the leading podcast search engine and database, offering a comprehensive index of virtually all podcasts and episodes available. Designed with an advanced, this robust tool is equipped with specific endpoints for searching podcasts, episodes, top recommendations, and even for finessing genre details. With Listen Notes, users can tap into the `searchPodcasts` endpoint for podcast browsing, while the `searchEpisodes` endpoint facilitates the discovery of specific episodes and interviews within the vast database. For those in pursuit of the crème de la crème of podcasts, the `getBestPodcasts` endpoint serves as the first port of call, with the `searchPodcasts` endpoint serving as a reliable backup. Additionally, the `getGenres` function aids users in homing in on specific categories or genres. While Listen Notes presents an abundance of results, its display is programmed to showcase a neat selection of up to five podcasts or episodes at a time, each accompanied by a concise 150-character description. Notably, each result includes the `listennotes_url` for direct access to the podcast or episode, eliminating user navigation complexity.




Example Prompts


Find podcasts related to "artificial intelligence"


Search for podcast episodes about "climate change"


Show me the best podcasts in the "technology" genre


Discover podcasts in Spanish


Just listen to a random podcast episode


List available podcast genres


Show me podcast languages supported

Description for AI

Plugin for discovering podcasts and episodes.

  • When asked for searching podcasts, use the searchPodcasts endpoint
  • when asked for searching episodes or interviews, use the searchEpisodes endpoint
  • When asked for top podcasts or best podcasts or podcast recommendations, use the getBestPodcasts endpoint first; if no results, then try the searchPodcasts endpoint
  • When you need category or genres id, use the getGenres endpoint to find the closet genre name then get the id
    ** Instructions for displaying results:**
  • Always use listennotes_url from the response data for the link of a podcast or an episode. Don't make up your own link.
  • Display at most 5 results, where each result is a podcast or an episode.
  • Summarize the description of each result to at most 150 characters.

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