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PlaylistAI: Spotify

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PlaylistAI: Spotify is a cutting-edge application that revolutionizes the way we create music playlists. This innovative tool leverages the power of artificial intelligence, specifically the ChatGPT assistant, to generate tailor-made Spotify music playlists based on a list of song names. This streamlines the process of playlist creation, taking the hassle out of manually searching for each song. In a typical scenario, PlaylistAI provides a URL to the created Spotify music playlist, saving users valuable time and effort. However, it's worth noting that if the plugin returns a 429 status code, it's a sign that the user needs to upgrade their plan to continue enjoying the service. The company ensures seamless user experience by providing a payment URL and a dedicated support email in such cases, making it a truly user-centric tool. The app's intelligent design and functionality make it a significant addition to the music streaming landscape.




Example Prompts


"Create a playlist with the songs 'Bad Guy - Billie Eilish', 'Blinding Lights - The Weeknd', and 'Watermelon Sugar - Harry Styles'. Call it 'My Top Hits'."


"I want to make a playlist named 'Chill Vibes' with these songs: 'Sunflower - Post Malone', 'Circles - Post Malone', 'Someone You Loved - Lewis Capaldi'."


"Can you show me the songs in my playlist? Here is the link: [Spotify Playlist URL]"


"I want to see all the playlists I have on Spotify."


"Can you add the song 'Shape of You - Ed Sheeran' to my playlist? Here's the link: [Spotify Playlist URL]"


"Remove the song 'Thank U, Next - Ariana Grande' from my playlist. Here's the playlist link: [Spotify Playlist URL]"


"I want to manage my PlaylistAI subscription. Can you help with that?"


"How can I cancel my subscription to PlaylistAI?"


"I have reached my free playlist limit. What should I do next?"


"Add these songs: 'Closer - The Chainsmokers', 'Despacito - Luis Fonsi', 'Senorita - Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello' to my playlist titled 'Party Hits'."


"Remove 'Believer - Imagine Dragons' from my 'Workout Mix' playlist."


"I want to get the songs from this playlist: [Spotify Playlist URL]"

Description for AI

Use the PlaylistAI plugin to automatically create Spotify music playlists for a list of song names when the song names are generated by the ChatGPT assistant. In a successful scenario the plugin will return a url to the spotify music playlist. If the plugin returns a 429 status code, then the user needs to pay to continue using the plugin. In that case, read them the provided message, payment url, and support email.

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