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PlaylistAI: Deezer

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PlaylistAI: Deezer is an innovative app designed to revolutionize your music listening experience, particularly for Deezer users. This tool leverages the power of AI to automatically generate and remix Deezer music playlists based on a list of song names provided by the ChatGPT assistant. This seamless integration of artificial intelligence and music curation offers an unparalleled listening experience that can be customized to suit individual preferences. In the event of a 429 status code, which indicates the need for payment, PlaylistAI: Deezer offers clear, easy-to-follow instructions, including a payment URL and support email for hassle-free navigation. However, it's worth noting that PlaylistAI is not affiliated with Deezer, even though it operates in close synergy with the platform. Its standout feature is the ability to deliver a URL that links directly to the newly created music playlist, setting it apart in the realm of music curation apps.




Example Prompts


"Create a playlist with 'Shape of You - Ed Sheeran', 'Bad Guy - Billie Eilish' and 'Blinding Lights - The Weeknd'. Title it as 'My Favorites'."


"I want a playlist named 'Party Hits' with these songs: 'Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson', 'Get Lucky - Daft Punk', and 'Closer - The Chainsmokers'."


"Make me a playlist called 'Sunday Chill' with 'Perfect - Ed Sheeran', 'Wonderwall - Oasis' and 'Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen'."


"Can you fetch the songs from this Deezer playlist? Here is the url [Insert URL here]."


"Could you list all my playlists from Deezer?"


"Fetch all songs from my Deezer playlist. Here's the link [Insert URL here]."


"I need to manage my PlaylistAI subscription. Can you help?"


"Can you help me cancel or manage my PlaylistAI subscription?"


"I'd like to see all my playlists on Deezer."


"Create a playlist on Deezer with 'Senorita - Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello', 'Blinding Lights - The Weeknd', 'Watermelon Sugar - Harry Styles'. Let's name it 'Top Hits'."

Description for AI

Use the PlaylistAI plugin to automatically create Deezer music playlists for a list of song names when the song names are generated by the ChatGPT assistant. In a successful scenario the plugin will return a url to the deezer music playlist. If the plugin returns a 429 status code, then the user needs to pay to continue using the plugin. In that case, read them the provided message, payment url, and support email.

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