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PlaylistAI: Amazon is an innovative tool designed to revolutionize the way you curate your music on Amazon Music. This unique plugin harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to automatically generate and remix playlists based on a list of song names provided by the ChatGPT assistant. What sets PlaylistAI apart is its ability to deliver a seamless user experience, providing a direct link to your newly created Amazon Music playlist. However, it's not just about creating playlists; if you encounter a 429 status code - a sign that you've exceeded your usage limit - PlaylistAI takes it a step further by providing a straightforward solution. It offers a straightforward payment URL and a dedicated support email to help you continue enjoying its services. It's important to note that PlaylistAI is not affiliated with Amazon Music, but it's a valuable companion for Amazon Music enthusiasts looking for an efficient, automated playlist creation solution.




Example Prompts


"Create a new playlist on Amazon Music with the songs 'Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen', 'Imagine - John Lennon', and 'Hotel California - Eagles'. Name the playlist 'Classic Hits'."


"I want to create an Amazon Music playlist titled 'Workout Jams' with these songs: 'Eye of the Tiger - Survivor', 'Lose Yourself - Eminem', and 'Stronger - Kanye West'."


"Can you make a playlist for me on Amazon Music? The playlist should include 'Under the Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers', 'Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana', and 'Creep - Radiohead'. Call it '


"Show me the songs in the Amazon Music playlist at this URL: ''"


"What songs are in the playlist at ''?"


"Fetch all my playlists from Amazon Music."


"Can you show me all my Amazon Music playlists?"


"I need a link to manage my PlaylistAI subscription."


"How can I cancel my subscription to PlaylistAI?"


"I want to manage my PlaylistAI subscription, can you help?"

Description for AI

Use the PlaylistAI plugin to automatically create Amazon Music music playlists for a list of song names when the song names are generated by the ChatGPT assistant. In a successful scenario the plugin will return a url to the Amazon Music playlist. If the plugin returns a 429 status code, then the user needs to pay to continue using the plugin. In that case, read them the provided message, payment url, and support email.

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