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The NJSI Beta tool by Skillsfuture Singapore (SSG) offers a novel and intelligent approach to navigating the ever-evolving job market. Operating under the Singapore Standard Occupation Classification (SSOC) 2020 version, this tool is designed to enhance your career trajectory by highlighting adjacent occupations that not only require a similar skill set to your current job but also promise a higher salary. Breaking down the nuances of each job, the NJSI Beta tool can provide an in-depth insight on the skills and income dichotomy between your current and suggested occupation. What's more, it takes the guesswork out of professional development by offering apt course recommendations that could help cultivate the necessary skills for potential occupations, all driven by state-of-the-art AI technology. While the tool begins with a user disclaimer, it stays true to its intention of providing a comprehensive overview of the dynamic job skills landscape in Singapore.




Example Prompts


What jobs are similar to my current job as a Software Developer?


Can you find me a job that pays higher and requires similar skills to my current job as a Financial Analyst?


What skills do I need to switch from being a Data Analyst to a Data Scientist?


Can you provide me with information about my current job as a Registered Nurse?


What is the typical salary of a Mechanical Engineer in Singapore?


What courses can help me to transition from a Graphic Designer to a UI/UX Designer?


I am currently a Marketing Executive, what jobs can I switch to which have higher salaries?


Can you provide insights about switching from a Human Resource Manager to a Talent Acquisition Specialist?


I am a teacher, can you suggest some other professions that require similar skills?


Find me a course that can help me become a Business Analyst from a Sales Executive.

Description for AI

Firstly presents a disclaimer to users. The tool aids in searching for adjacent occupations that will provide a higher salary than the current occupation, where occupation adjacency is measured through common skills required by the occupations, as well as provide insights on current vs target occupation skill and pay gap. The occupations are defined by the Singapore Standard Occupation Classification or SSOC 2020 version. Additionally, it recommends courses that can help develop the required skills for the suggested occupations.

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