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Meet "Now", an innovative tool that serves as a gateway to the world's hottest topics. This powerful software fetches information from Google Trends, opening up the pulse of global conversations right at your fingertips. But that's not all. What makes "Now" stand out is its unique integration with Twitter trends and keyword searches, but there's a catch - this feature is exclusively available in Japan. For those in the Land of the Rising Sun, "Now" goes beyond mere trend tracking. It allows users to delve into specific trends, providing a rich treasure trove of insights and discussions happening around them. Furthermore, you can customise your experience by specifying country and language codes, with the default set to 'US' and 'en' respectively. For those looking to search Twitter keywords in Japan, you can specify the keyword of your choice. Adding to its string of impressive features, "Now" also offers product recommendations related to trending topics, opening up new avenues for discovery. In essence, "Now" is a trend aggregator and analyzer that offers a unique blend of features to keep you informed and ahead of the curve.




Example Prompts


"What are the current trends in the US?"


"Can you get me the top news in Japan in Japanese?"


"What's trending in the tech world in Germany?"


"Show me the hottest topics in sports in the UK."


"I want to see the trending topics in health in Canada."


"Get me the trends in business in Australia."


"Can you fetch me the trending topics in entertainment in India?"


"What's currently trending in Spain in Spanish?"


"Show me what's hot in Argentina right now."


"I want to know the trends in the Netherlands in Dutch."


"What's the buzz in France in French?"


"Fetch me the Google trends in Italy in Italian."


"What's the talk of the town in Brazil?"


"Can you get me the trends in Mexico in Spanish?"


"I'd like to see the trending topics in Russia in Russian."


"Show me what's making news in Greece in Greek."


"Can you find the trending topics in South Korea in Korean?"


"I want to know the current trends in Vietnam in Vietnamese."


"What's trending in China in Chinese?"


"Can you find the Google trends in Egypt in Arabic?"

Description for AI

Now' fetches Google Trends and keeps you up to date on the hottest topics around the world. It also provides Twitter trend acquisition and keyword search functions in Japan. With this feature, you can dig deeper into a particular trend and get more detailed insights and discussions happening around it. Specify the country code (geo) and language code (hl) when retrieving trends. The default is US for country code and en for language code. When searching Twitter keywords in Japan, specify the keyword you want to search. Recommendation information introduces recommended products related to trends.

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