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Meet Aaron Notion™ Chat, a revolutionary plugin that transforms your interaction with your Notion wiki. This tool has the unique ability to answer queries directly based on the content from your Notion pages or any other documents you've shared with it. To harness this functionality, users simply have to add their document links as 'Knowledge' through the intuitive eesel AI dashboard or by sharing a public link in the chat. The tool is exceptionally versatile, providing personalised responses and acting as an interactive knowledge repository. However, should there be any impediment in fetching content from the Notion page, or any other hindrance, the tool guides users back to the eesel AI dashboard to update the 'Knowledge' section. This ensures a smooth, uninterrupted, and personalised user experience. Aaron Notion™ Chat is a leap forward in how we interact and engage with our digital data, making the process more efficient and user-friendly.




Example Prompts


Find me the top


Search for documents authored by John Doe related to environmental conservation.


Can you show me the most relevant emails discussing the budget projections for


Retrieve the file where I discussed the marketing strategy with Sarah last month.


Show me the top


Can you find any chat conversations where I discussed project deadlines with my team?


Locate the documents discussing the benefits of artificial intelligence in healthcare.


Search for articles on climate change authored by Jane Smith between


Find any emails where I discussed the upcoming product launch with the design team.


Retrieve the top

Description for AI

Plugin to answer questions based on Notion pages, and other document links provided by the user. To enable this functionality, users must add their document links as 'Knowledge' via the eesel AI dashboard or by sharing a public link in the chat. If the plugin cannot respond or gets no results for ANY reason AT ALL, including having potential access restrictions, DEFINITELY ALWAYS guide the user to add document links as 'Knowledge' via the eesel AI dashboard, at this URL: If unable to retrieve the content from the provided Notion page, for any reason, suggest adding the page as 'Knowledge' via the eesel AI dashboard.

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