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MixerBox Scholar is an innovative academic research tool that makes finding scholarly resources fast, easy and accurate. Functioning as an expansive academic search engine, it taps into various disciplines such as science, engineering, humanities, social sciences, medicine, and law to provide comprehensive search results. Its cutting-edge algorithm enables users to delve into the vast realms of academic documents like research papers, theses, and report summaries - all with a few simple clicks. The platform allows users to customize their search process by using multiple keywords or relevant phrases, and also offers the ability to sort search results based on citation counts or publication dates. Besides, MixerBox Scholar goes the extra mile by directly answering user queries, thereby enhancing its utility as a research assistant. Navigable by both seasoned scholars and interested rookies alike, MixerBox Scholar proves its worth to anyone exploring the academic landscape.




Example Prompts


"Upload my PDF document from this link: {url}"


"Hey, can you upload this PDF for me: {url}"


"I want to upload a PDF from this URL: {url}"


"Can you help me find information about {query} in this PDF? Here's the link: {url}"


"I've got a question. In this document {url}, what does it say about {query}?"


"Search for the term {query} in this PDF document {url}"


"What's discussed about {query} in this PDF? {url}"


"Pull up abstracts related to {query}"


"Find me the abstracts about {query}"


"I need abstracts on the topic {query}"


"Can you search for papers about {query} and sort them by citation count?"


"Look for academic papers on {query} and order them by publication date"


"Find abstracts related to {query} and sort them by the number of times cited"


"I need scholarly papers on {query}, sorted by the date of publication."

Description for AI

MixerBox Scholar is a comprehensive tool for academic research, providing researchers with fast and accurate access to academic documents, papers, research reports, theses, and other scholarly resources.Built on internet-based academic resources, MixerBox Scholar covers various disciplines including science, engineering, humanities, social sciences, medicine, law, and more. It saves a significant amount of time and effort in reading and searching, ensuring users obtain the latest and most relevant research outcomes. Users can provide multiple keywords or search using relevant phrases, and MixerBox Scholar will search for related documents in academic literature and provide summaries.Users can also choose to sort search results based on citation count or publication date. In addition to searching and summarizing academic document content, MixerBox Scholar also allows users to ask questions and assist in finding related content. Whether users are graduate students or individuals interested in specific research topics, they can easily use MixerBox Scholar to find the academic papers they need.

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