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MixerBox ChatDrive

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MixerBox ChatDrive is a groundbreaking AI assistant designed to streamline the management of your Google Drive files. This innovative tool employs an advanced search system that allows you to effortlessly locate any files, be it PDFs, PPTs, images, docs, sheets or any other file formats. This is achieved through a multitude of search parameters such as file name, upload time, owner, starred status, and more, ensuring that no file ever gets lost in the cloud. Whether you're working in a collaborative environment or managing personal documents, MixerBox ChatDrive stands out as an efficient aid, providing a seamless cloud storage experience. The tool's primary focus is on Google Drive, demonstrating an unparalleled precision in file tracking, making it an indispensable tool for anyone looking to optimize their digital organization.




Example Prompts


"Authorize my Google drive"


"I want to log out of my Google Drive account"


"Can you list all my files on Google Drive?"


"Can you help me create a new folder on my Google Drive?"


"I need to copy a file from my Google Drive, can you help?"


"I want to rename a file in my Google Drive"


"Move this file to another folder in my Google Drive"


"Can you perform these batch operations on my Google Drive?"


"I want to create a new document in my Google Drive"


"Can you update the name of this file in my Google Drive?"


"Can you show me the files in a specific page of my Google Drive?"


"I want to search for a specific file in my Google Drive"


"Can you create a Google Form on my Drive?"


"I want to create a Drawing in my Google Drive"


"Can you help me create a new Spreadsheet on Google Drive?"


"I need to create a file under a specific directory in my Google Drive"


"I want to copy a file to a specific folder in my Google Drive"


"I'd like to move a file to a different folder in my Google Drive"


"Can you help me execute several operations in my Google Drive at once?"


"Logout of Google drive"


"Authorize access to Google drive"

Description for AI

MixerBox ChatDrive is an efficient tool that enables you to accurately locate files in your cloud storage. It allows you to quickly search for the desired information based on formats, upload time, owner, starred status, and more. Currently, MixerBox ChatDrive primarily serves Google Drive, ensuring that even in collaborative environments, you won't have to worry about losing track of your cloud files.

Example prompts:

  • Provide me with all the files that have "123" in their file names

  • Find all the starred files in png format

  • Find the files that were uploaded between 6/1 and 6/6

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