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MixerBox Calendar is a versatile AI assistant that aims to streamline your schedule management process with an array of unique features. This innovative tool not only allows you to retrieve and view daily, weekly, and monthly events with ease, but also enables you to create new meetings at specific times, invite participants via their email addresses, and set reminders for important activities. It's designed to operate efficiently and effectively, allowing you to see at a glance your available time slots and upcoming commitments. Furthermore, the MixerBox Calendar offers a unique keyword-based search function, allowing users to find related events based on previously set keywords, adding an extra layer of convenience and customization to your scheduling needs. This tool's amalgamation of features makes it an ideal companion for those seeking a comprehensive solution to manage their time efficiently.




Example Prompts


Show me my calendars


What events do I have tomorrow?


Add an event to my calendar on Friday at


How do I connect my Google Calendar?


Log out of my Google Calendar account


List events on my work calendar for next week


Create a meeting with John on Monday at


Find free time slots for a


Add an all-day event on July


Show me events on my personal calendar for today

Description for AI

MixerBox Calendar is a convenient tool that allows you to quickly retrieve events for today, a few days ahead, or even a month, as long as they appear on your calendar. Additionally, MixerBox Calendar enables you to create meetings at specific times and invite relevant individuals via their email addresses, or set reminders for specific activities. If you want to find out your available free slots, you can also inquire with MixerBox Calendar!
MixerBox Calendar efficiently lists all your daily, weekly, and monthly activities. As your dedicated time assistant, MixerBox Calendar can also create meetings at specific times and invite relevant participants via their email addresses. Additionally, it can find related events based on keywords you have previously set up.

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