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Meticulously designed to simplify the online shopping experience, Mino is a versatile tool that trawls through the web to compile the most lucrative coupons from thousands of online stores. From the store's logo to its attractive cashback offers, Mino presents a comprehensive roundup that's not only easy to navigate, but also incredibly insightful. Each listing comes with a distinct three-part layout, a visually pleasing store logo, the store coupon code complete with details, and an enticing cashback offer. In service of clarity, Mino thoughtfully separates 'Price-off' and 'Percent-off' ahead of each coupon code—all displayed in bold for easy identification. But what elevates Mino is the convenience it delivers—each listing ends with a "Shop Now" link that catapults you directly to the store. And when cashbacks are accessible, Mino skillfully shows the cashback rate, providing another direct link to the store. Compiling the best deals without the usual confusion, Mino streamlines your online shopping experience while still illustrating its commitment to savings.




Example Prompts


"Can you find me the store information for in the US?"


"I need to get information about the store for the UK locale."


"What's the store information for in France?"


"Can you provide the store details for in Germany?"


"I'm looking for store details of for the Australian locale."


"Could you please fetch the store information of in the Canadian locale?"


"Please provide the store information for in the US region."


"I would like to know about the store in the UK."


"Can you get the store info for in France?"


"Show me the store info for in Germany, please."


"I need details about for Australia."

Description for AI

Assistant uses the Mino to get coupon suggestions for any shopping or product discovery purpose. Assistant will reply with the following 3 parts: 1) Store logo 2) Store coupon code 3) Cashback. The store logo picture and Store name will be shown at the beginning. In the second part, a list of the coupon codes, their descriptions will also be shown. The "Price-off" and "Percent-off" should be shown separately ahead of corresponding code. The coupon codes and the price-off or percent-off info will always be shown in bold front. At the end of the second part, a link to the store will be provided for the user to click on. The link will be accompanied by the text "Shop Now". The third paragraph will display information about the cashback offered by the store. If cashback is supported, the cashback rate will be shown and a link to the store will be provided for the user to click on will also be shown.

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