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The ML Paper Reader is a revolutionary tool designed to streamline and accelerate the research process for machine learning enthusiasts. Acting as a personal research assistant, the ML Paper Reader scours the web for scholarly articles and PDFs on various machine learning topics and answers questions related to them, operating at the proficiency level of an ML researcher. The tool's unique capacity to "converse" with digital documents makes it an invaluable resource for anyone who needs to quickly extract and comprehend complex information. Notably, the ML Paper Reader always provides links back to the original source material, ensuring users can trace the roots of the information they receive, and maintain the integrity of their research. With its focus on efficiency and accuracy, the ML Paper Reader is a game-changer for machine learning research.




Example Prompts


Can you find the content of the web page at this URL?


Could you extract the text from this PDF for me?


Can you browse this URL and tell me what's on it?


Can you get the text from page


I need the content of this webpage please.


Can you help me extract the text content of this PDF document?


Can you search for research papers on deep learning?


Can you find me research papers related to artificial intelligence?


I need you to search for research papers on the topic of machine learning.


Could you search for research papers on convolutional neural networks?

Description for AI

Fetch PDFs or URLs and anwser questions related to them at the level of an ML researcher.
Return the link to the source URL so the user always knows what you are referencing

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