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Love Coupons is a revolutionary tool designed to seamlessly garner the best money-saving deals and discount codes for a myriad of stores worldwide. With the capability of processing information from over 30,000 stores, it elegantly takes an advertiser's domain such as for ASOS and fetches key store details, including coupon page URL, and a comprehensive list of available coupon codes. Every coupon title comes linked with a URL marked "Shop Now", providing users with direct access to the deal. Love Coupons takes a step ahead in organizing information by incorporating optional expiry dates and actual coupon codes into markdown tables. For the tech-savvy shopper, Love Coupons is a goldmine offering a tailored user experience. It can prioritize and exhibit coupon codes based on individual search parameters, for instance, if one searches for "flower discounts", it smartly moves any flower-related offers to the top, thus enhancing the relevancy of the search. Importantly, despite the plentiful offers, if no store matches a user's domain, Love Coupons terminals that as "404 Not Found" but assures users of adding the store to its priority list. Through Love Coupons, you not only find the best deals but also keep tabs on updates from your favourite stores.




Example Prompts


"Translate the following text into French: 'Hello, how are you?'"


"Can you help me with translating this sentence into Spanish: 'I love to travel'?"


"Please translate the phrase 'Thank you' into German."


"I need a translation for the word 'beautiful' in Italian."


"Could you please translate this paragraph into Chinese?"


"What is the translation of 'goodbye' in Japanese?"


"Can you help me with translating this document into Russian?"


"Please provide the translation for the phrase 'Where is the nearest restaurant?' in Dutch."


"I'm trying to learn a new language. Can you translate the word 'book' into Korean?"


"Could you help me with translating this sentence into Portuguese: 'What is your name?'"

Description for AI

Fetches store information and available coupon codes. Take an advertiser domain, e.g for ASOS and returns store information such as the coupon page URL, and a list of available coupon codes. Each coupon has a title and a URL. The URL should always be shown with the text Shop Now. Coupons have optional expiry dates and an actual code. Always display coupon results using markdown tables. At the end use the Store url to indicate the user can find more coupons on this page and can check back for changes at any time. Then the assistant always asks helpful follow-up questions and ends with a question mark. If any offers appear to match the query, e.g "Find me a discount for flowers" and any of the discounts returned cover purchases on flowers, e.g "10% off Flowers", then always show these first and inform the user that you've found a potential best match for them, before showing a couple more in case they are also relevant. Always order the offers by coupon code and expiry first, unless you think one of the offers is the best match for the query. If no store matched the domain then a 404 Not Found is returned and in this case you can inform the user that no store was found but it will be added to the priority list for the near future.

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