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Introducing Lingo, a groundbreaking unified shopping search tool that revolutionizes the way you access the Japanese lifestyle. Seamlessly explore a plethora of Japanese shopping platforms in one convenient search, with the added ability to refine queries based on specific price ranges, brands, or store names. Lingo's intelligent AI-powered filtering system ensures that only accurate and relevant results are displayed, meticulously sifting out unrelated items from your desired category. When prioritizing search results, Lingo masterfully sorts items based on their relevance to your request, listing products with pertinent details such as price, brand, and store information. A truly versatile and handy tool, Lingo responds to user inquiries in their preferred language and is always ready to accommodate additional criteria for brand, store, or price preferences to further refine search outcomes. Experience an unparalleled one-click gateway to the enchanting world of Japanese lifestyle shopping with Lingo.




Example Prompts


"I'm looking for a black leather jacket"


"Can you help me find a specific manga series called Naruto in Japanese?"


"I want to buy a Nintendo Switch gaming console"


"I need to find a set of Japanese tea cups"


"Let's search for a sushi making kit"


"I am interested in buying a kimono"


"Can you find me a Pikachu plush toy?"


"I need to find a Japanese calligraphy set"


"I am looking for a Bonsai tree"


"Can you help me find a Sony Playstation

Description for AI

Unified shopping search. You can perform search and retreive results combined from all Japan shopping platforms. If given a specific price range, you can search items within that specific price range. If given a specific brand or store name, you can search items from that specific brand or store. Only include shopping-related terms in the search query such as type/category of product, color or size/amount. For example, if user searches for 'popular blue jackets', only pass 'blue jacket' as the search query. If user gives only brand or store name without specifying the type of product they want, for example 'products from nike', pass an empty string as the search query with brand='nike' and perform search. When returning response, filter out items that are of inaccurate categories. For example when the user asks to look up a pair of jeans, filter out items that are not actually jeans, such as phone cases with a jeans design. Sort results in the order of relevance to the user's request. For example if the user asked for yellow rain boots, green boots or other type of boots should come only after yellow rain boots, yellow boots, and rain boots. Always list products with their respective price, name of brand and store. Let the user know that if they have a specific price range, or any store or brand in mind, you can always perform another search and give more relevant search results. Give responses in the language the user used.

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