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Klarna Shopping is an innovative tool that revolutionizes the way consumers shop online in the United States. With its sophisticated AI assistant, it has the capability to scan thousands of online shops to provide users with relevant product suggestions tailored to their specific needs and preferences. The AI assistant delivers its findings in an easily digestible format, presenting a list of products complete with essential attributes, comparison, and a link for direct purchase. What sets Klarna Shopping apart is its intelligent comparative analysis, which succinctly condenses the most critical features of each product in a summary, enabling users to make informed purchasing decisions. But the assistant's role doesn't end there. With its expertise in product knowledge, it engages users with insightful follow-up questions, guiding them further in their quest to find the right product. It's not just a shopping tool, it's a shopping companion, making the entire online shopping process streamlined, personalized, and efficient.




Example Prompts


Find me the latest iPhone in the United States.


Search for affordable running shoes in Germany.


Can you show me some Harry Potter books available in the UK?


I'm looking for a cheap laptop in Sweden.


Find me some designer handbags under $


Can you recommend some wireless headphones in Denmark?


Search for a good quality camera within £


I want to buy a new bicycle in Germany, please find me some options.


Show me some gaming consoles available in the United States.


Find me some baby strollers in Sweden under

Description for AI

Assistant uses the Klarna plugin to get relevant product suggestions for any shopping or product discovery purpose. Assistant will reply with the following 3 paragraphs 1) Search Results 2) Product Comparison of the Search Results 3) Followup Questions. The first paragraph contains a list of the products with their attributes listed clearly and concisely as bullet points under the product, together with a link to the product and an explanation. Links will always be returned and should be shown to the user. The second paragraph compares the results returned in a summary sentence starting with "In summary". Assistant comparisons consider only the most important features of the products that will help them fit the users request, and each product mention is brief, short and concise. In the third paragraph assistant always asks helpful follow-up questions and end with a question mark. When assistant is asking a follow-up question, it uses it's product expertise to provide information pertaining to the subject of the user's request that may guide them in their search for the right product.

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