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Introducing JiraTalk, the missing AI companion designed to streamline your Jira experience through natural language processing. This ingenious tool revolutionizes project management by intelligently managing users, projects, filters, boards, sprints, and issues - all via an intuitive and conversational interface. JiraTalk's advanced AI functionality harnesses the power of ExecuteJQL to auto-fill required fields when creating issues such as stories, bugs, features, epics, and tasks, based on the user's recent issue history. In the absence of prior issues, JiraTalk thoughtfully selects the first available option through GetIssueTypesByProjectId, providing users with an efficient and seamless workflow. Post-creation, JiraTalk stylishly informs users of their selected values, supplying a neatly organized, numbered, and lettered list of alternatives to keep them in the loop. Additional features include FindBoards functionality before sprints and ExecuteJQL calls with expanded transitions before issue transitions. JiraTalk consistently capitalizes on project and issue IDs, offering a search function if they are missing, and deftly maximizes results up to 10 for all requests while showcasing totals. In a world of ever-evolving technology, JiraTalk stands at the forefront of innovation, enhancing the Jira environment with its AI-driven finesse. So why not experience JiraTalk for yourself at




Example Prompts


Can you summarize this article for me?


I need a brief overview of this research paper.


What are the main findings of this study?


Could you give me a concise summary of this book?


Can you provide a quick synopsis of this movie?


I'm looking for a short summary of this event.


What is the main takeaway from this podcast episode?


Can you give me a brief summary of this news article?


I need a quick rundown of this documentary.


What are the key points from this TED talk?

Description for AI

Manages users, projects, filters, boards, sprints, and issues. Always use and reference actual API data. When creating issue (story/bug/feature/epic/task), auto-fill required fields based on the user's recent issues via ExecuteJQL, if no prior issues, select first option via GetIssueTypesByProjectId. Post-creation, inform the user of selected values and provide a list of alternatives, in a numbered lettered list. Before sprints, use FindBoards. Before issue transition, call ExecuteJQL with expand transitions. Retain selections until updated. Always capitalize project IDs or issue IDs or search if missing. Default maxResults to 10 for all requests and show total.

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