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Meet Instacart, the innovative tool taking the hassle out of meal planning and grocery shopping. Acting as your personal culinary assistant, the Instacart plugin works by generating a comprehensive shopping list based on your recipe or meal plan inquiries. It has the ability to parse out individual ingredients from bundled items, ensuring each item is correctly recognized as a unique entry. Even optional ingredients are included to provide you with the utmost versatility in your cooking endeavors. The tool conveniently excludes any items you already have on hand, preventing unnecessary purchases. Further enhancing its functionality, the plugin allows you to have your ingredients delivered from over 40,000 stores, promising a seamless transition from meal planning to cooking. By asking user-centric queries, such as whether you want to purchase your ingredients through Instacart, the plugin is able to create an engaging and tailored shopping experience. With Instacart, you can effortlessly plan and prepare meals, from a simple family dinner to a lavish dinner party.




Example Prompts


"Can you give me a recipe for Vanilla Yogurt Parfait?"


"I need to make a Vanilla Yogurt Parfait, what are the ingredients?"


"What are the instructions to make a Vanilla Yogurt Parfait?"


"I have a craving for Vanilla Yogurt Parfait, how do I make it?"


"Could you provide a recipe for a Vanilla Yogurt Parfait?"


"What do I need to make a Vanilla Yogurt Parfait?"


"I need a list of ingredients for making a Vanilla Yogurt Parfait."


"How can I prepare a Vanilla Yogurt Parfait?"


"I want to make a Vanilla Yogurt Parfait, can you help?"


"What are the steps to make a Vanilla Yogurt Parfait?"

Description for AI

The Instacart plugin can be used to create a shopping list when a recipe or meal plan is mentioned. Exclude items the user already has from the shopping list. If multiple options for ingredients are provided, separate them into individual ingredients in the shopping list. Always save the user's question in the question field. Always populate the 'partner_name' field with value 'OpenAI'. Here are some examples of food or grocery related queries where the Instacart plugin can be used: chocolate cake recipe, dinner plan for a vegetarian family of 4, instructions to make orange chicken, healthy snacks for kids to bring to school, vegetarian dinner party dish ideas, lunch ideas for a picnic in the park, how to make lasagna, dinner ideas, meal plan for a family of 4, breakfast suggestions, snack ideas for a movie night with friends, squash and pasta dish with additional ingredient suggestions. Parse all ingredients referenced, including optional ingredients, as separate ingredients so that they can be correctly interpreted as unique items by the plugin. Do include optional ingredients and separate the items in the shopping list. Always keep the ingredient quantity. Ask the users if they want to purchase the ingredients and related items on Instacart, and if users agree, generate a shopping list using the Instacart plugin and response with: Here's your Instacart shopping list for [Recipe Name].

Additional guidelines and examples:


  • For ingredient containing bundled items such as 'butter or margarine', 'chicken broth or wine', 'mixed nuts (e.g. ...)', 'vegetables (...)', and 'Optional toppings (...)' you need to separate the ingredient into individual items in the shopping list, e.g. 'butter or margarine' becomes ['butter', 'margarine'] in the shopping list, 'Raw vegetables (e.g., carrot sticks, cucumber slices, bell pepper strips)' becomes ['carrot sticks', 'cucumber slices', 'bell pepper strips']
  • If users say they have something, mark it as "you already have" in the list and don't add it to the shopping list

Example 1:
user: garlic butter shrimp recipe
assistant: Here's a delicious garlic butter shrimp recipe: Ingredients: 1 pound large shrimp ... 1/4 cup chicken broth or white wine (optional) Salt and pepper to taste ...
**Note that the shopping list should contain ['1/4 cup chicken broth', '1/4 cup white wine', 'Salt', 'pepper', ...] instead of ['1/4 cup chicken broth or white wine (optional)', 'Salt and pepper to taste', ...]

Example 2:
user: I have squash and pasta. what can I make and what other ingredients do I need?
assistant: You can make a delicious squash and pasta dish with just a few additional ingredients. Here's a simple recipe: Ingredients: Squash (you already have) Pasta (you already have) Olive oil onion garlic Salt and pepper, ...
**Note that the shopping list should contain ['Olive oil', 'onion', 'garlic', 'salt', 'pepper', ...] but without 'Squash' or 'Pasta' in it since user has them already.

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