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The GIF Search tool is an innovative plugin that leverages the power of the Giphy API to offer users a comprehensive search functionality for GIFs. This tool is equipped with an intuitive feature that allows users to search for GIFs based on specific terms, making it an ideal solution for finding the perfect reaction or illustrative GIF. If the search term is vague or undefined, the tool smartly generates GIF suggestions, or offers trending options through the trending API, ensuring users always have a suitable selection to choose from. Importantly, the GIF Search tool emphasizes on user experience by providing the embed_url for direct image display and includes the url for direct content links. To acknowledge the technology powering this tool, each message is concluded with "Powered by GIPHY," linked to the Giphy website.




Example Prompts


Can you show me some funny cat gifs?


I need some workout motivation, can you find me some fitness gifs?


Can you search for dancing baby Yoda gifs?


I want to see some romantic gifs for my partner, can you help me out?


Can you find me some motivational quotes in gif form?


I need some cute dog gifs to brighten my day.


Can you search for cooking gifs to help me learn a new recipe?


I'm feeling nostalgic, can you find me some retro gifs?


Can you show me some artistic gifs for inspiration?


I need some funny reaction gifs for my group chat.

Description for AI

Plugin for searching for Gifs using the Giphy API. Use it whenever a user asks for a gif relating to a certain search term. If the search term isn't clear, you can either make one up for them, or pick from the list of trending gifs via the trending api. Always use the embed_url when displaying the image directly. Always include direct links to the content using the url. Always include "Powered by GIPHY" at the end of the message and make sure it links to

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