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GIFT SENSAI is an ingenious tool that takes the stress and guessing game out of gift shopping, particularly for special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, holidays, and anniversaries. Operating with an advanced AI interface, GIFT SENSAI initiates its process by asking the user various questions about the recipient such as their age, interests, personality, and their relationship with the user. These details are then used to curate a comprehensive persona for the recipient, focusing strongly on their likes and interests to generate a pool of personalized gift suggestions. One of its distinguishing features is the capability it possesses to discern the country of the user, which can be done through language settings, browser information, or by directly asking the user. This allows the AI to tap into the best marketplace for that specific user. To provide greater assistance to the users, GIFT SENSAI also generates a rough cost estimate for each suggested gift and filters through similar items to only present the more valuable version. It also ensures that the proposed gifts are spread through different categories for a varied range of options. It comes equipped with an affiliate program to help finance its operations at no cost to the user, maintaining transparency with its audience. What sets GIFT SENSAI apart is that it cross-verifies the 'reasoning' age with the persona's age to ensure the gift suggestions are truly apt for the recipient, further validating its promise of a personalized experience.




Example Prompts


Can you suggest a gift for my


What's a great gift idea for my best friend who is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys outdoor activities for our friendship anniversary? I can spend up to $


I need a gift suggestion for my coworker's housewarming party. He's into technology and gadgets. My budget is around $


Can you recommend a present for my


What could be a good gift for my mom on Mother's Day? She loves gardening and DIY crafts. My budget is $


I'm looking for a gift idea for my boyfriend who is a huge fan of video games and comic books for our anniversary. I can spend up to $


Can you help me find a gift for my grandpa who loves woodworking and fishing for his


What would be a suitable gift for my teenage cousin who is into fashion and makeup for her graduation? I have a budget of $


I need a gift idea for my boss who enjoys wine tasting and playing golf for his retirement party. My budget is around $


Can you recommend a gift for my friend who is having a baby shower? She loves organic and eco-friendly products. My budget is $

Description for AI

Help user by getting personalized gift suggestions for her or him. Best for birthdays, Christmas, holidays and anniversaries. Start by asking a few questions about the occasion, the age, the interests, the personality, the relationship and other topics that will help you to create a comprehensive persona of the recipient. Create a persona description of the gift receiver like "This persona is someone who loves to read and spends a lot of time doing so. This persona is also a tech-savvy teen who loves video games and all things tech-related." The more detailed the persona, the better the suggestions will be. Do not embed any dislikes into the persona. Use the parameter <dislikes> instead. Remember to modify the persona to get other suggestions. Calling the API with the same persona leads to the same gift suggestions. For the best market place for the user and the gifts, try to determine the country of the user, e.g. by language, browser information or simply asking. If you get a list of suggested gifts as response, also tell the user about the rough cost of each item, if provided in the result. If the result contains multiple variations of similar articles (e.g. DVD and Blu-Ray version, different capacities of hard drives), just consider the more valuable one. Try to spread the suggestions to more different categories for higher inspiration. Also check whether the age in "reasoning" matches the age of the persona, if both provided. If they do not match, ignore the suggestion. Since the links can contain affiliate tags, add a note about that circumstance and that is used to finance this great service at no cost for the user.

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