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TradingBro is a cutting-edge financial data tool geared towards enhancing your trading research and learning experience. This resourceful software offers access to a vast array of financial data of various companies, flooding you with invaluable insights to make better informed decisions. Primarily, it keeps you abreast with financials, earning call transcripts, analyst price predictions, Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), and observations on social media sentiments. One standout aspect of TradingBro is its ability to segregate sales data based on business and geographic segmentation, effectively providing a strategic overview of the market. Additionally, it provides insider trading information, acting as a good gauge of the financial climate within a company. To ensure reliability, all data supplied is up-to-date and procured from credible proprietary sources, giving users a level of trust and reliability. With TradingBro, you get a comprehensive snapshot of the financial landscape, aiding your research and enhancing your trading acumen.




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Get a wide range of financial data companies to assist your trading / research / learning (financials, earning call transcript, analyst price prediction, DCF, social media sentiments, sales by business / geographic segmentation, insider trading information etc). All data is up-to-date and is retreived from our credible proprietory sources.

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